Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Great and Wonderful HB

Our beloved red cat, HoneyBun (HB)--1989-2011.
He was mostly an outdoor cat for his 1st 15 years or so, living around the canyon house, and spent the rest of his life with us as our indoor-outdoor cat down in the valley house, after his leg was broken in an incident by a car pulling out of the canyon house driveway while he was alseep under it. 

We payed the medical bills and took him  to the valley house where he lived in blissful retirement from 2004 to Feb 2011. I have always been grateful for his accident, since we got to have a full 7 years in his wonderful presence.
These silent films were taken in 2004, and you can still see the fur growing back on his leg after the bolt was removed by the vet.

He was gentle (but not to palm rats), popular with guests, affectionate, cuddly, silly, super-smart (from his years of living outdoors), and just plain wonderful in just about every way. 

This all we have of him now.

But our love for him remains.
Music:  "Brownie" by Capsule (written by Yasutaka Nakata 
               and Toshiko Koshijima)

              I claim no rights to the song, and will remove it 
              immediately if so requested.

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Music Controller CD, by Capsule. "Brownie" is the 3rd song.